GPS on Adam with Google maps

Today in the train, I tried working with Google maps GPS enabled. Just recorded a small video from mobile to show that GPS is working.

Follow the blue pointer and the GPS icon in the notification bar.


    Nice video - subscribed to your blog!

    Just wondering if you can comment about the battery life of the ADAM with heavy usage.

    Also, can you comment on HD FLASH performance after rooting and installing the tegra optimized flash?
    Also 1080P playback performance in general?

    Again, thank you so much for all the information!

    @Flaunt - Bettery life seems to be good enough. It runs through the day with fairly high usage (From 8-00 AM to little after 10-00 PM).
    Very High usage probably would get around 10-11 hours which is really good.

    Can't really comment on HD Flash yet as I have not tried any. Will give it a try.

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    Hey Ganesh, Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with the community so far, i think everybody appreciates your honest posts.

    Can you comment about how your overall experience with adam is?

    My main concern is really what is your opinion of the Hardware is, because hoping that the Software and usability will improve upon installation Android 3.0.

    Specifically, What is your opinion on each of these issues?

    1. I heard about the dim screen compared to other tablets - how bad is it?
    2. Poor touch response around the edges, I heard this may be a hardware issue
    3. Have you tried any stylus on the Adam yet? If so, how was your experience?
    4. Did you have any issues with the camera?