Notion Ink Adam Updates

First impressions:

1. The build looks sturdy and strong. No glare (PQ Display)
2. The default memory available is 5.54 GB. (After the first boot)
3. Yet to try any accessories.
4. The power adapter has US style pins. This is a shame for people in EU as here its mostly different. Since the adapter can work 100-240V, I guess we could use a pin converter.
5. Facebook app does not seem to connect. Have to investigate more. (Not updated adam software yet. Just out of the box)

6. I had a pin converter already and it worked great. Now adam is charging.
7. Saw the Force close window few times in different apps.
8. No market or Genesis yet. (I have just started Adam update. It’s ~82mb file. Download in progress)
9. I tried my phone SIM card. 3G worked fine. SMS also works. No phone calls.
10. It comes installed with Nimbuzz.
11. Side loading of the apps possible. I will post more later about it. Still experimenting.

If you have used an android phone before, the settings are no different so getting used to is a smooth walk.

All in all good experience so far. But there is a lag once in a while. I hope the software update will fix that.

Haven’t had sun light after I received it (I am in Netherlands where sun light seems to be a rarity in this time of the year), so can’t test the potential of the PQ screen yet.

12. I uploaded a video of side loaded Angry Birds game play
Angry Birds on Notion Ink Adam
13. Initially there was no sound in Angry Birds but a reboot helped to get sound as well.
14. Video playback with a mp4 worked fine.
15. USB drive with 640GB was not recognized. Need to see the file format of the drive. Could have been NTFS so that might explain.
16. If anyone has the latest appbrain apk, can you please pass on? I cna try appbrain as well then.
17. Till now major bugs/force closes I have seen are with:
a. Panel interface (Home screen package)
b. Browser
Both seem to be NI developed. All android core components seem to be working fine.

Will try Dolphin and Opera on it and post back results.

1. Tried Dolphin browser - Except the installer screen rest of them worked fine. Installer screen was for some reason did not work in landscape mode.
2. Opera 10 - Works ok. But web pages seem like blown-up pages from mobile. Dolphin and the default are better in this area.
3. External SDHC with a USB card reader (8GB) worked great. Was able to play movies as well from this storage with no lag.
4. Tried NFS but didn't seem to render all the graphics so the game was not playable.
5. AppBrain apk I got was redirecting all install actions to market for some reason hence did not work fine.
6. After a few reboots, the force close windows seem to be lesser in frequency. Very rarely I saw a force close in the past few hours.

Mail from NI about the update:

Greetings form the Notion Ink Support Team !!

The Update has been removed from our systems for now we would be informing you once the new update is out.

Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!

1. Exchange sync worked with no problems (I had to use manual setup)
2. html5test reuslts:

a. Default browser - 176 points and no bonus points.
b. Dolphin browser HD (v 4.2) - 176 points and no bonus points.
c. Opera Mobile 10.1 - 72 points and no bonus points.

I tried the same on the browser on my HTC Desire and the result was same.


    nice..! waiting for more :)

    Namasakara Ganesh, you are doing good job in updating ADAM :-). Can you please compare the build quality of adam with ipad?
    How is the sound & picture quality? Internet connectivity speed!!..

    hey, thank you ganesh! greetings from germany!

    I assume you updated your Adam without any problem...
    Waiting for more updates!!!

    Thanks for the updates Ganesh.. waiting for more.. How's Audio quality through speaker and headphones(if any)

    Ganesh- Any update on mystery feature?

    I'll send you a copy of Appbrain pull from my phone. Lemme know where you want me to send it.

    @Dougie187 - Can you upload to any file share and post the link here?

    @Manjunath - Seems disabled by software. No app to listen to FM radio.

    @Raunak - I got warned by Greg just in time so I cancelled the update.

    Good one Ganesh. You are the first one who has posted about a working adam and hopefully it stays working.

    Hey Ganesh, Sorry it took so long. Here is appbrain.

    I don't know if it will work, because I just pulled it off of my phone...

    Lucky one... Where in holland do you live, I love to see the adam in real life if it's possible.

    Ganesh you rock man!!! Himanshu from twitter and Notion Ink Blog :)

    Thanks for the update.
    How much did you pay as customs duty , if any?
    please try some video codecs and audio codecs(Ogg and Flac) and let us know the results. Eagerly awaiting to see whetehr it takes Fat32 500 GB HDD.


    How did you find second impressions please update

    On January 25, 2011 at 3:51 AM Anonymous said...

    Oooh, how I envy you. You are one of the pioneers in Adam-land. Or should we call it Paradise? :)


    appBrain isn't a market replacement. It's kind of like an alternative to the market, but they don't have the actual apks there.

    If you want the actual apk of something (preferably that's free) let me know and I can send it to you. Or you could look on freewarelovers android site.

    Also, something else you could try using, is applanet (you have to sign up for it). And, you could try getting a market from XDA, and seeing if it does anything when you install it. Though I'm pretty sure you need root to install it, so I doubt it will work.

    Ganesh... Congratulations on being the first few to receive your Adam !!

    can you do me a favor... can you launch in the default NI browser... and publish the results...

    Also do the same for Dolphin HD & Opera (is it mobile or mini) ?

    This is to test the HTML5 compatibilities...

    Ganesh... Congratulations on being the first few to receive your Adam !!

    can you do me a favor... can you launch in the default NI browser... and publish the results...

    Also do the same for Dolphin HD & Opera (is it mobile or mini) ?

    This is to test the HTML5 compatibilities...

    Can you tell me if Mail'd supports Exchange?

    @Anand Shah - Done.
    @Steve - Done.

    Awesome, thanks. I've waiting forever for someone to confirm that.


    thanks a lot... a score of 176 is amazing... given that it is a new device...

    even a IE 8 for example, caps @ 27 / 300 and

    Chrome caps @ 244/300
    Firefox is 139/300
    iPad @ 196/300

    I definitely congratulate the NI team for achieving this kind of results... and its commitment to standards...

    Am glad exchange configures well..

    Once the phone on ADAM is enabled, I'd like to throw my fone and laptop out of the window and ADAMize myself.. ;)

    Good ereader in their review says that flash doesnt work nd the adam cnt play videos from the youtube you have that problem with your device too?

    @Priyanka - Flash is working fine after the update. You only need to get the right apk. You can use the rooting hack at and can install flash using market. The best way to get latest and correct version of flash.