Update NIP20140211

New update from Notion Ink for all the adam variants with few bug fixes.

This time the process is much more simple compared to the previous time. A simple "Update Adam" from Settings and adam does everything for you.

Few noticeable changes (minor ones as most of the major changes are already covered by Greg in his post.

1. The startup screen showing the notionink logo is now changed to white background with black text "notionink".
2. The notification bar icon in the upper left corner does not have the black background any more and does not flash.
3. Update removed Android market from the list of apps, but still kept the other apps intact. Will try the NIH market update tomorrow.
4. Once you have updated the build number would be NIP20140211 for PQ + 3G. I assume this is different for each variant. The mail from notion ink did mention four different build numbers to start this update on. So that gives an impression that each variant uses a different build number.


    Hi Ganesh,
    Atlast after one month delay, I got my Adam. I have some issues which i think you can give resolution.
    Issue#1 should read as "A black bar appear on the top of the screen. The bar obstructs all applications like browser, I can't enter the URL. Black bar has battery info, Network signal strength indicator, SIM card info.

    issue#2: How can I install the Adobe Flash?

    Issue#3: In the browser, I get to see all foriegn characters instead of pictures.

    Please help me.