Solar Energy in your pocket???


It's not a cool charger.
It works on Solar energy.
It helps only in emergencies.
It can fit in your pocket.
It chargers something that can fit in your pocket.
And it does not empty your pocket.

I was wondering what to write for my first actual blog, and my very good friend gave me an idea. I bought this new gadget on my way to Amsterdam in the Lufthansa inflight sale.

AKITA Solar Charge. As all new products, it is also "Made in CHINA".

The device is quite handy, and gave me some surprises after I started reading the manual.
I have not been able to use it still, thanks to the most unpredictable dutch weather. But I plan to test this as soon as I reach some country where weather prediction is really accurate. (I think, I have to go to some make-believe place)

Advantage of this device is that, it can store the charge for upto 5 weeks and this might come in handy when you are going to places where you don't expect electricity. Although such places are less in the inhabited places of the world, this might come in handy in one of those camping or "jungle" trips which you might want to take.

It even has variety of connectors for different mobile models.

I believe it still has some value for money and will let you know, when I really use it.


    Next thing you know, Ganesh... you should display your high-tech gadgety phone :-)